Plex Battle OS Ep. 3 – Ubuntu Server VS CentOS 7

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Ubuntu Server 16.10 goes heads up with CentOS 7!

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  1. Sounds odd when you say 4.5 "X" as opposed to "times". For those not familiar Plex can optimise files at speeds comparable to real-time play. In this case 4.5 times faster than what you watch it at. Rippers know what's what 😏. Thanks for the tests Jason, cool vids.

  2. This video is full of nothing but bullshit… There is not battle here at all CentOS is for server no matter what, Ubuntu is just for stupid ppl who don't want to read on how to do anything in lux.

    btw FreeNAS sucks balls and support for it is shitty as well.

  3. Hey Jason, great series of videos. What cpu and os do you recommend for a plex server, not looking for very high end but will be using mostly for 4K content and bluray ripping, about 2 direct streams and 1 transcode, not all of them at the same time, maybe 1 direct and 1 transcode at same time at random. Thanks for the advise

  4. I'm surprised that CentOS didn't perform better. That's interesting. As a IT professional.. my next recommendation would be possibly Arch Linux vs Red Hat.

    Arch is the smallest mainstream distro I know of, so theoretically, it would have the smallest amount of overhead. Red Hat's intense driver support and optimizations however might actually give it a performance boost over the other Linux distros, so I think that would be a really interesting match-up.

    Keep up the good work man!

  5. It would be GREAT if you could do a review of Linux Mint. Since Microsoft's epic fail in pushing Windows10 onto the populace, a lot of people have simply switched Operating Systems completely. I still use Windows 7 Pro for now, as most of my programs run fine on it.

  6. so I'm running into little bit of a quandry and need some assitance. I'm building a home server dual Xeon E5-2665's 64GB RAM and 20TB of movies, music and TV shows. My primary platform is Plex, but I'm stuck on an OS to install. The reason being I need it to do a few things, first an foremost play Plex outside of just my network (which Plex should be able to do within teh settings and correct port forwarding), but I also need it to run a VM, as well as my torrenting programs and also my VPN service. Please any suggestions would be very helpful.

  7. What exactly are the performance issues with FreeNAS v unRAID. Remember, unRAID will read the data at line speed, it's only writing (if you lack a cache drive) that is slower. Alternatively, you could put the media on a SSD cache drive to eliminate the hard drive throughput concerns.

  8. zorin OS is what I use for my server. it would be nice for you to test it because it's one of your subscribers is looking to change to Linux it is a very friendly Linux distribution. with just clicking a few buttons you can make it look like Windows you don't need to do a whole lot of codes to use it.

  9. cant wait for your unraid test. just bought it myself and waiting for a new xase to arive to put my old pc in it as a server.

    great list at the end btw , i wonder who that loyal sub was 😉

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