Plex Plex Server Battle OS: Windows 7 vs Ubuntu Desktop (failed test)

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I put Windows 7 against Ubuntu to see which can be the better Plex Media Server….

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  1. Lol im rebuilding my server right now becuase of Ryzen chip i hgave it overclocked and i don't like leaving it on im puting it with windows 10 and a G4560 rig that will just handle plex and thats it 🙂 And it will be the host for my remote desktop LGA 1366 dual socket server

  2. New video for best Plex server for transcoding multiple streams: Nvidia shield vs custom PMS build. I'm thinking of going with ryzen 7 1800x since it has a passmark score of 15000 for $499.

  3. If you compare linux to windows again, you should have them both play from a large library, like music, where it has to look through more folders and stuff because one of linux's strong suits is it doesn't get bogged down by large filesystems, so it would be interesting to see if it can sort on plex better.

  4. I just install Plex Server on my Raspberry Pi 3 with a 32GB microSD with the Raspbian OS/Linux. So far it has been performing well. I will keep you guy up to date on how it is performing.

  5. I would like to see win7 vs win10, whereas I'm building a dual quad core cpu with 64GB Ram and wondering the best os in this scenario whereas this is going to be primary Plex server

  6. Hey Jason, question for your opinion on setting up a Plex server. I'm currently running my Plex on a Synology NAS DS916 but not happy with the performance. I was thinking of building a small mini-itx box to do nothing but run the Plex server on, using Windows 10 pro, and utilizing the Synology for all the storage needs. What are your thoughts on this kind of setup. What processor would you go with, something that won't break the bank, no xeons, but will over perform and prevent any bottle-necking with streams of 2-4 mkv at a time and do you think heat will be an issue with something like this running 24/7 in a small case like a Fractal Node 202 or smaller as I really don't have any use for a graphics card or any pci cards? This will be just sitting on the network just like the Synology is now so no graphics power needed. You're the Plex wiz so figured you may have the best suggestions on this. Thanks.

  7. Ubuntu Server vs CentOS
    Windows 7 vs Windows Server 2008
    Windows 10 vs Windows Server 2012
    Winner vs Winner

    Also I think without testing on the real machines (not VMs) this comparison can't be 100% accurate since operating systems could use hardware differently when they have direct access to it.

  8. I've been running Plex Media Server on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) for a couple years now and it is rock solid. You would have to do some tinkering to get it running as a VM on non-Apple hardware but I know you can do it!!

  9. I'm not surprised, in my case the Ubuntu driver for GTX 1050 ti couldn't play a 4k 10bit hevc video, just tried Windows 10 with the latest Nvidia driver while troubleshooting and it sliced through it like butter.
    had to switch to Windows and delete my zfs raid and it's all good now.

  10. Ubuntu with the Unity desktop is a resource hog. I would try it with Xubuntu or Lubuntu, either 14.04.x or 16.04.x. These are the lighter weight desktops and the Long Term Support ones so they tend to be more stable. Another choice is Manjero. The key is selecting a Linux distro with either the XFCE, LXDE, LXQT, or Mate desktop. Stay away from Gnome 3, KDE, or Unity desktops as they tend to bog the system down more. Elementary would probably be a good choice as well, and I'm sure others will have their recommendations.

    Arch would probably give the best performance, but it's a real pain to setup so for this experiment would be a bad choice.

  11. I would be curious to see those benchmarks made on non VM's. The optimised drivers for network and other IO operations can vary a fair bit from platform to platform. Perhaps make a small box that you can use for the comparing OS's and then mount the storage over your gigabit network.
    It was unclear to me from the video if there were installed any latest KVM drivers to those two OS's.
    Also any chance the videos could compare resource usage while doing those benchmarks?

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