Preload – Ubuntu 11.10

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Preload is an adaptive read-ahead daemon that monitors running applications and analyzes them for commonalities. It then uses this data to predict what applications you might run and preloads them into memory. The result is faster startup times for commonly used programs. Installing preload is as easy.

To Install:
sudo apt-get install preload

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  1. I had preload installed, but unfortunately it increased login time by quite a lot. I chose to uninstall it, but I guess it would depend on how often you log in vs how often you start apps.

  2. Nice Wallpaper, I used it as well last month 😀

    By the way, You forgot something, what about Prelink ?

    Just Google it, you will have to install it and then run this command

    sudo /etc/cron.daily/prelink

    and It really helps as well, I use both, preload and Prelink

    Give it a try, MicroHelper

    Cheers 😀

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