Prevent Folder from being Copied & Deleted – Windows 8 & 10

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Stop users from being modifying, moving, copying, renaming and deleting your files and folders. Our important files and folders should be prevented from such actions mentioned above which accidentally being made by other users.

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  1. bro ,, please help me. I want to send folders to customers who should be able to open , explore and delete these folders BUT NOT ABLE TO SEND THEM. is M file anti-copy is the right software to perform this job ? please advise me before i buy this software.

  2. Hi bro thanks for this beneficial video but i have a question. I have a file that i wanna prevent coping it. It is in my computer but i wanna send it for my friends by my flash card. How can I prevent coping this file because I dont wanna let them to copy it . thank you for helping me

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