Prevent Windows 10 Spying On You, Privacy & Security Matter!

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In this version episode of #TechTip I show you how to disable all of the spying features of Windows 10 and get your privacy back. I think Windows 10 is a great operating system once you disable all the data gathering mechanisms and return it back to a pure operating system.

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  1. I have a question for you? If you would not mind? I have windows 10 version 1709 it's not an upgrade it's the full version from a cd and it's 1709. Got a new Motherboard and new Core It 8th gen processor the latest it's unlocked but I don't think I want to chance overclocking ddr 4 dual channel 32 gig up to 64 if I want it. Now I have spybot ani beacon software installed and I have everything Immunization. however when I restart my computer or even when I don't after a few min some of the services are turned back on again such as. the one drive service even though I know it's completley removed from windows. office 15 2013 Telemetry Scheduled tasks. Have to keep hitting the apply button on this as well. office 16 the same thing. Is there anyway to keep every service that I select turned off or immunized?? I'm running the 1.6 version of Spybot anti Beacon. and I have the pro version of windows 10 so I get all the group policy stuff. Love your channel!!

  2. believe me it is not just you and your tin foil hat if that is so I am on that same space ship to who knows where LoL this video and the updated one is what got me to subscribe we as a whole need to sue Microsoft for all the privacy risks they place upon us wasting our bandwidth by installing apps we do not want if I was to do that to someone they would call me a hacker and put me in jail but they do it and it's okay I think Bill Gates has alzheimer's if you ask me any way keep up the great videos Barnacules

  3. Big thank you for this video! I´m getting from Win7 to Win10 at the end of the week, unfortunately. I have a question about something completley different. I have disabled Internet Explorer in all the ways I can. But when I run Ccleaner there´s always cookies from that browser, sometimes it´s really much activity. I have never come across any viruses or stuff like that. Do you have any ideas of why it is like this? Sorry for bad grammar/spelling.. And again, really good video

  4. This really just begs the question: how much of your data is still being sent to Microsoft and shared with other tech giants despite having these settings turned off?

  5. step 1. buy a nice SSD and win 7 on stick ,2 dump the win 10 hopefully small hard drive out  3 install SSD and then win 7 and be merry. Thats my plan after seeing all the bad report on this win10, well to hell with it then!

  6. I've also noticed that when I turn off windows 10 most of the time it's still running because when I boot into ubuntu mate I can't access my drives because surprise surprise it was in a very low power mode even though I made sure it shuts down!

  7. You can't trust them if they put this crap in the OS.. who knows when they will make an update or trick that will re-put all that crap in.. it's not a secure os … fuck off.

  8. I need use Windows by force. I need it to develop certain applications (yes, C# with Visual Studio, i'm thinking to try a VM… I don't know as is going to perform with that, but… i think no very well.), and actually is horrible, privacy issues, slowness on HDD's, stupid resources usage, shitty features like emoji panel, contacts on task bar, third party coded apps auto installation… this is the worst, yes, windows vista and ME with their BSODs are better than this, this is the worst version of windows ever released. And people love it… why? this is scary, what are going to happen on 2023, the year of windows 8.1 end support, no more windows alternatives… maybe linux? this sound well, but the reality is other, millions of computers with this MALWARE installed, 40% of computers in the world, users that prefers an free (0 cost) """"operating system"""" that steal their data instead of more secure, more pretty, more usable, more comfortable, more stable alternatives, like almost linux distros and older Windows versions like Windows 7.

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