Product Review – BDMint Linux from Jim Acklaw

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Well Jim Acklaw has released his latest Linux spin, BDMint, and this video, we give it The Backyard Tech Channel treatment go have a steeky beek
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  1. Thanks Adam, caught it good mate. For keyboard, go back to the 'input' you were playing with, and you will see US and UK at the bottom; there is a '+' and '-' button that you can change keyboard format with by adding, and then get rid of the others, both UK and US in your case. FYI, I think this is right up there, and my real hope is that I haven't p**'d off the PeppermintOS dev team with the last two KDE/plasma, and this Budgie on top of their flagship xfce. There is of course the LXDE alternate DE at logon also…

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