Project CARS performance test (Windows 8.1 vs Windows 10)

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Identical settings, drivers, etc. ONLY difference is the OS, W8.1 vs W10
Driver version used: 15.200.1018.1 (1st April 2015)
Another windows 10 test by Aldo@WMDPortal:

Framerate Comparison By me: (Red line W8+15.4B drivers, Blue W10+15.200.1018.1, Green W8+15.200.1018.1) (Other test setup)

PC specs:
AMD 280X@1150/1200
8GB @1600 (don’t have timings on hand)

Game settings:
Textures: High


  1. I tested some days ago. My results.
    Mafia II x86 (fps, higher better)
    1) w7 32.5
    2) w8.1 31.6
    3) w10 30.7
    Photoshop CS5 Extended x86 (seconds to open, lower better)
    1) w7 7
    2) w8.1 8.5
    3) w10 10

    7601, 9600, 10586

  2. i know windows 10 is shit and puts a ton of spyware on your PC. but is it better performance wise then windows 7?

    i remember windows 8 not being to launch alot of games

  3. Keep this in mind: older drivers are not supported by windows 10 properly. So you will have a more sluggish OS if you use windows 7 drivers for example.

    This is problematic because, well lets say you want to play gta5 . Latest drivers wont give you an edge. You need drivers that came out for gta 5 months ago and that drivers are optimized only for windows 7, 8 ect not windows 10. So you will be sacrificing you frame rate for nothing while you could be getting 10 to 5 frames more by using the right drivers for your game.

    Windows 10 is NOT worth it for windows 7 users. And changes they brought over is far from revolutionary only thing worth mentioning is anti piracy implementation and prettier OS.

    Fps boost in this video is completely situational and doesn't reflect the reality. In reality there will be little to no difference in frame rate from just changing your OS.

  4. Has any of you guys experienced any issue such as your pc working as slow as a snail ever since you installed 10?
    I cant even play Counter – Strike GO and I used to play CoD AW on almost max settings =/

  5. a weird difference.. while windows 10 has more FPs its also near 100% all time. windows 8 has a perfect FPs rate too but seems to lower GPU usage unneeded for 60 FPS.
    what was you´re FPS savemode settings?
    it was interesting but win 10 seems to be using more compute to get full GPU power out of GPUs

  6. I've swapped to win10 from 8.1. No real difference in the real world. I thought it would make it smoother but kinda same. The real difference will be when the DX12 games come out……I freakin hope.

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