Q&A: Who Respects Your Privacy More OS X or Windows 10?

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Recorded 7/28/2016

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  1. as a owner of a windows 10 pc i would say mac is better in every way ..all it needs is a good gaming support and its the champ …windows 10 updates are giving me the worst nightmares ever …i installed a dolby driver for my pc and i had turned off the auto update via services and guess what the system informs me that i need .net framework 3.5 to be installed via windows update only and so i turned on the update feature and started downloading it and its still downloading for about an hour and more ..this is how bad microsoft is ..they don't care about the user experience at all.the interface feels like a flat and boring design and above that it is very unstable and forces for feature updates which has literally ruined my pc for more than once …the app store apps are not optimized properly and they are buggy too..it looks like windows is pushing beta updates of some version .in my case its 1709.

  2. Ok as a Linux user there is no right answer. Every operating system yes i hate to say it even linux has security issues! Ubuntu been trashed for that over the years. My best bet is if you want to be secured is Linux Mint which is the easiest way to install for Windows user to switch from. Thank you for the video Mr. Bruce always enjoy your opinions and reviews!

  3. I could have easily said it myself that Tim Cook is openly for the 4th Amendment when it comes to the Right to Consumer Privacy. Microsoft clearly needs to be far less "Big Brother" if they want to win people to that Windows 10 upgrade.

  4. Good video Bruce, but I have to say Apple has changed the look to much for me. I just dislike the flat look everyone is going for these days. It just goes against the grain as far as work that so many of us put into operating systems in the past to get them to look nice.. LOL.. I would blow my top if macOS was changed to look like Windows 10. 🙂 To be honest, as far as looks I just loved Windows Vista. The way it looked anyway.. I personally hate changing a OS's UI to much. Gradual changes let the user adapt without feeling overwhelmed. Its like the change from GNOME 2 desktop to GNOME 3. Took me a while to get used to the new UI. Cheers, Joe 🙂

  5. Yup i agree OS X is better with privacy out of the box, i am using Ubuntu as a VM and really like it wanted to get a ultra fast laptop and just run Ubuntu on it only problem i have with is the photo editing software in any Linux is not great, so i was thinking of getting a mac book pro 15 inch but the cheapest model here in NZ is like $3800 but currently they are running i7's which are about 2 years old .

    There was a good special last week so bought this for $1950 https://www.pbtech.co.nz/index.php?z=p&p=NBKTOS555164IBS&name=Toshiba-Satellite-Entertainment–Gaming-Notebook-S had to turn off lots of stuff to make win 10 more private

  6. Hey Bruce, do you think that there's a reasonable chance that we'll see another productivity OS added to the big three in the future? (Meaning Windows, MacOS and Linux)
    For that matter if for example ChromeOS or Android (ported to Laptops and Desktops) were to have a breakthrough success, would you count them as part of the LInux faction or are they different enough to stand on their own?

  7. mi desktop is also from 2009 intel duo core 2,i put in a ssd after Anniversary am cuosity if its runs fine for me
    i understood elder computers will run slow if i am correct

    i don t know if this is something if you do a video and video perhaps can give 5 Minutes or perhaps some tips for buisness don t know if is something

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