Qemu/KVM + vfio = Virtual machine for gaming with 95% of native performance = no more dual booting

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Hi guys,

here’s a demo of how I’m using Qemu/KVM + vfio to play Windows games in a VM running on Linux.

If you are dual-booting and hate loosing access to all you’r Linux apps while playing read on! If you’re hardware support’s it(2 gpus, VT-d) you might be able to do the same thing.

I start Linux and X.org using the onboard gpu and display a simple xfce on both monitors(xinerama).
Whenever I feel like playing Windows games I disable the left monitor using xrandr and start qemu which…


  1. +blu3bird84 , I am planning to use it on MSI 3rd Gen i7-3630QM, HD graphics 4000 ,Gtx 660m , Samsung 850 Evo 250GB , WD Black 2.5" 750GB .

    Do you think without multi Display Monitor , Can I use it on my laptop? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. How to do that on a machine running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS nowadays? Did anything chang about the process of preparing PC, or a new way to achieve the same results already occured along with an easy to handle software?

  3. I am not a linux pro but use dual boot at the moment. Could I use this solution with only 1x gtx 770 and the intelcpu integrated graphics?

  4. Hey, could you maybe send me your xrandr skript, I've got a problem with my Skript it does only change the output of the display if I turn my Kvm on:

    xrandr –output $EXT –off –output $IN –auto

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