Quick Fix For No Sound Audio Problem on Windows 10

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Follow these steps to fix your audio problem that occurred after installing or upgrading to Windows 10 on July 29th 2015.
If you cannot follow the video then you can check the steps I wrote with images at

1. First confirm that your sound card / usb audio interface driver for Windows 10 64bit / 32bit has been installed clicking
– Start Setting
– Devices
– Printer & Scanners
– Device Manager
– Check Your Audio Driver exist under “Sound, video and game…


  1. I have my laptop connected to a samsung tv (hdmi cable)
    the samsung tv is connected to logitec speakers
    I can play sound just fine unless when I'm in game…
    anyone has a clue?
    help would be much appreciated 🙂

  2. My problem is , my hp pro book , after upgrading to win 10 , the stereo headset don't work.

    example :
    I plug in the head seat movies and audio file don't work , then a pop-up screen would appear saying the file is not supported . After I plug out the headsets it plays everything movies and audio file.

    I tried to trouble shoot it.
    went to sound saw the stereo headset icon however as i tried to click default to make it a default . The default button was grayed out.

    Please help ,..

  3. I wonder if this will work for my old m-audio fast track sound interface. My sound and everything will work and it will process within ableton for a short time before the whole pc crashes with blue screen. I usually worked with high bitrate settings and never tried lowering it.

  4. It didn't work for me…. My default device is "Realtek High Definition Audio".
    I can only listen to the sound of my computer if I plug in ear phones…. How can I change this setting… I want to be able to listen to my computer without ear phones.. thank you so much in advance.

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