Quick look and review Windows 10 Redstone 4 insider preview bbuild 17025 October 25th 2017

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Quick look at the latest build of Redstone 4 for Windows 10 October 25th 2017


  1. Pretty nice build Is this windows 10 17025.1000. Nothing of an issue so far. I have using this build since around 6 hours. Seriously I had migrated to Linux Platforms. I tried Ubuntu, Fedora, Deepin and Linux Mint. I am not comparing Windows with Linux but yes I installed Windows 10 October 2017 CU update, found it convincing. Later I updated this version to Preview build windows 10 17025.1000. Really Cool. On the Linux part, I am slightly amazed by OpenSuse 42.3 Leap but unable to move away from Windows 10 windows 10 17025.1000. Let us see if I get another machine for OpenSuse 42.3 Leap. On the other hand, Microsoft Edge Browser has been the most pleasing experience in terms of browsing, video streaming, managing downloads and it is really faster than Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox from the execution point of view and by default, the hardware acceleration is enabled for 1080P 60FPS video streaming.

  2. Hey Bro, how did you get the new "Microsoft Store App"? I am running the new fall creators update my store icon doesnt look like that, its the old icon. How can i get this new version of the app?

  3. When it comes time for regular Window 10 home users to download this rebuild-version next year, and if you say it will download and set up quickly, I will assume you connect to the Internet via fiber optic cable and that my connection speed will mean it will take 12 hours again to download and install. So as soon as I hear from you that the new version is getting ready to hit the big time, I'll change my settings to indicate to MS that I can take critical updates only due to having a metered connection, and maybe I won't waste so much time and see so few changes. Also, while the FCU was downloading, I tried to do other things (surf) because you said that would be possible, but the download didn't want to allow that on my computer (every non-download thing was very slow) and of course Microsoft ruled the day… sigh!

  4. Hi, could you please answer a question for me… I have Windows 10 , and I am unable to get the update to install
    After needing to finishing install. Every time I set the time to restart it keeps saying the next hour and never finishes the update…I decided to leave alone and see if it finally updates….not sure what to do…please help !
    Thank you,

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