Quick Look: Elementary OS Luna – Linux Meets Simplicity?

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  1. I like the concept, but if I were to use it as my primary OS, I'd definitely have to do some fiddling with dconf-editor. I played around with this on a LiveCD, and you can definitely get the desktop icons and add a minimize button just by changing some things around in dconf-editor (which apparently isn't bundled with it anymore, so you have to install it).

  2. Well, now I feel stupid! Thanks, although MacOS doesn't have this behaviour (it just tries to open the app again), Windows does have this behaviour. I guess I've always been used to clicking something inside the window to minimize, so I do agree that there should be something visual, including a menu option on right click, as my instinct is to go to the top of the window to perform window management.

  3. Per default you can minimize by clicking on the dock-icon (says the official Q&A). Isn't that also the default MacOS behaviour? Neverthelesse, I think not having all 3 buttons in the top left/right of each window is strange.

  4. I never use desktop icons, because i can not stand a messy desktop. I use rocket dock to launch my most used programs. so i actually quite like this os. needs some work but it seems okay. For linux, i tend to favor Linux Mint, but next time i need it, i might try this os.

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