(QUICK TUTORIAL) How to adjust screen brightness on desktop windows 7

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Hey guys! I may always put DBZ Vids on. But since there is adjust brightness vids but outdated most of them. I put this on. Heres some steps:
1. Open Control Panel
2. Go to Display
3. On the top left there is calibrate color click it
4. Keep clicking next until you reach this adjusting page. (I can’t explain it properly find out on the vid)
5. Keep clicking until you reach one again and adjust it.
6. Click Next on the bottom it says start something but it says recommend it. But I don’t


  1. it was literally A WSIH COME TRUE!!!
    After the buttons on monitor got dead…. I lost all hope of decreasing the brightness, then I searched and this video showed up!!!
    THANKS A LOT!!!! 🙂

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