Race Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 vs Windows 7 – v2

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Bootup / shutdown speed test race. Not very Scientific But end user perspective. Both OS are clean Installs. This one with automatic login enabled.


  1. @rockwoofer I can't get my OnBoard video card AND my ATI video card to work simultaneously on 2 separate displays. Nor can I get my USB HDTV Dongle to work, and I've looked for help. Since you're here… Whats the solution? Thanks! OH PS, they all wrk fine under windows 7.. so it seems I may have to use virtualbox to install windows 7 inside ubuntu… but then, what about call of duty 4… oh dear, dual booting still it is… no answers?

  2. @duckISaRETARD Plus, did you even read the full article? There's no benchmarks there… It's all about how Linux features are more improved than Windows features.

  3. @duckISaRETARD Youre not realising linux dosent NEED any of those, there arent any viruses compatible with linux and hacking into a linux is harder then hacking youre way through a windows with several firewalls. also the windows operating system has few but very heavy files to load, linux uses many light weight which is easyer for the computer to load up and they also respond betther.

  4. what are you doing ? You are waiting on linux for connect a internet, however on windows you wait for redy to use…If you wait on windows for connect a internet ; windows is goning to open 40s second..

    When open the linux ; its ready to use.But on windows , you have to wait for prepearing setup antivirus, firewall or something.Ubuntu is faster then windows.Please make a video , under the same conditions.Wait for connect a wireless or when the open windows/linux , click the browser for open.

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