Ragdoll Runners | PC (Mac, Linux) Tips | Cheats and Tips Wanted

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Ragdoll Runners | PC (Mac, Linux) Tips | Cheats and Tips Wanted

Post any cheats and tips you have for this game in the comments section. Thank you!

About Ragdoll Runners
Ragdoll Runners is a physics-based Track & Field game where you control independently the two legs of an athlete to compete in 8 events of different types: sprint, long jump, triple jump, hurdles. Play against the computer, with 3 friends on the same PC or online against other players’ records.



  1. depending on the speed of game, it will sometimes shift to the side if you look close in the 10m and 30m. It is rare but one time it happened for the 100m too (for me atleast). but these tricks don't always occur, when they do, you'll get used to the timing of the shift and you'll get much better starts. Im in the top 50 for all my events, this trick helps a lot

  2. Well, I've got trouble stumbling out of the entrance when beginning a race (not jumps).
    I either fly high, or jump about a lot. I'll need help with this one.

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