Rainbow Six 1 on Win 8.1 x64 (Test Play)

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Game is playable for Nvidia Users but it’s locked at 20-25fps. In the main menu and planning menu is quite jumpy. I still can’t do a proper fix for this game in Windows 8.1. Hope windows 10 will have lesser issues when running older games.

Also tried on 14.12 Drivers on my 7970Ghz, still no luck in starting up the game.


  1. It won't work on these new operating systems, especially the fact that the software and hardware/technology getting newer nowadays, I mean you could try out an older operating system and see if it's compatible. I've tried it on Windows 98, and especially Windows XP, and Windows Visa. and it ran fine. But also from what I've heard it runs on Windows 7 – So if you're wanting to play all these old school games, so downgrade your operating systems, but remember do not connect them to the Internet. – You might want a 2000 – 2013 Computer Build, with an Older Operating System.

  2. i have this game software on computer i dont know it works on my windows 8 cause on my xp was working fine well kinda..my quastion is that i have Microsoft Sidewinder Plug & Play USB Gamepad i dont know if it works on it any clue…or what game its the best for my sidewinder thanks

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