Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 how to setup

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Amazon are doing great deals on the Raspberry Pi 3 if you follow this link.

First video of many covering the installation and setup of windows 10, where to download, how to install and how to access the web interface to check resources of the pi. This is the first video getting you started as a pre req for other upcoming videos.

Pi 2 image can be downloaded from here

Windows 10 Technical Preview can be downloaded…


  1. Stop saying "to be honest", it really does show you have no idea what you are talking about and using that before everything so you can get out of it if challenged. People who lie use that term before everything too.

  2. I am getting annoyed every time I see Win 10 on Raspberry PI 2!! It's NOT Windows 10!!! It's Windows 10 IOT (Internet of Things)… Please edit your title, it's very misleading. There is no Windows Interface, the only thing you can do with it is "push" your development applications to the Raspberry Pi, and even those are very limited to what you can do.Also, reading the comments below, people say that you can't do it in a VM… Well, I did it just fine using VMWare Workstation 11

  3. Don't honestly see the point in installing Windows 10. Its not gonna be a games machine and Linux isn't restricted in anyway, plus it runs better on Linux.

    Also if I wanted a more closed Linux environment, I would use Android with its many good apps, which is meant to run these low powered chips that the RPI 2 uses. After all it is not hard to have 2 SD cards and just swap them around if I want Linux or Android.

  4. Let's see, either Linux, that has NO artificial concurrent connection limits on anything, or Windows Server that has per-connection limits unless you shell out big bucks. Oh, wait, I'm sorry, it's limitless Linux, or Windows 10, that has even more limits than Windows Server. No, wait, sorry, I meant to say, you chose either limitless Linux, or a somehow, if that were even possible, a more limited version of Windows 10. Hahah. Yeah. Why, again?

  5. FYI: The latest version (download) is an msi which installs to your C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft IoT folder.
    The .ffu file is there and you can burn it directly to your SD card using the IoTCoreImageHelper.exe program which is also in the folder.
    Dism is also included in the download. The IoTCoreImageHelper.exe program runs Dism.
    I did this on a Windows 10 PC (not sure if you get the same results on Win8/7?).

  6. this looks terrible. could someone tell me what this allows me to do that i couldnt do more quickly with a linux distro? i get that MS wants some of this market share but ffs…make it stand out in some way other than how fucking terrible it is

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