Raspberry Pi 3 – Ubuntu MATE and Raspbian compared

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I needed to test how Ubuntu MATE running on the Raspberry Pi 3, compared to the default Raspbian LXDE desktop. Just wanted to share the results.

System specs.:

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3

OS 1: Ubuntu MATE (Ubuntu 16-04 beta 2) – updated 2016-04-18
OS 2 : Raspbian Jessey (2016-03-19) – updated 2016-04-18


  1. what is best OS for run MySQL server , Java Stand alone application and some hardware device like printer in raspberry pi 3?
     I have heard Ubuntu Mate is good but
    appreciate your any comments

  2. I use Ubuntu Mate.. on the Raspberry Pi 2 I was never able to get any several usb-wifi dongles to work, but with Ubuntu Mate, I booted up and was immediately able to establish wifi through my dongle.

  3. I fail to see what this proves. The booting and shutdown process of an OS is no real indication of its performance under real-world use, nor is it any indication of how applications will run under the OS. The MATE DE is quite a bit more complicated (and thus more robust) than the Raspbian LXDE, which has been stripped down and simplified for use on the Raspberry Pi… so naturally LXDE will boot and shutdown faster… but it doesn't have anything to do with how the OS performs while running. MATE DE uses a compositing window manager which dynamically handles memory allocation for displaying graphics and windows on the desktop as well as any 2D and 3D effects the desktop employs… some say this makes MATE seem to run a bit quicker and smoother than LXDE. LXDE is a very basic, no-frills desktop environment for beginners designed to use less memory on the Pi, however it does not use a compositing window manager… and from my experience in extensive use of both Ubuntu MATE and Raspbian LXDE, LXDE seems to be very 'clunky' or 'choppy' at times when running multiple applications or trying to switch between application windows. Also, Ubuntu MATE seems to be far more stable when running high-memory use applications like web browsers and has less issues with crashing and SD card corruption than Raspbian.

  4. Personally, Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS goes well with Linux hardware Box with 2G ram. I got my Mate running well on my Black Macbook which is almost 10 years old rotten Apple, LOL….. for resource intensive app, a little over-clocking may help.

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