Raspberry Pi and Windows 7 – MagnumPi

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Windows 7 running on a Raspberry Pi via Vmware View (open client recompiled to Arm)
The Raspberry Pi is in the lego box under the TV:

Yes, we know the video quality is slightly suspect 🙂 Thats what you get from using a proper analogue video camera with autofocus instead of a modern digital Youtube friendly fixed focus HD one 🙂


  1. punch of idiots , he use Rasperry as Thin Client, if you don't anything about it , just shut the fuck off and go home :)) anyway thanks dude , you are day saver…  really cheap thin client 😀 i assume. 

  2. Il faut lire la légende sous la vidéo avant de râler ou dire n'importe quoi… et apprendre l'anglais! "Windows 7 running on Raspberry Pi via Vmware View", ok, c'est mal exprimé, Windows 7 ne tourne pas sur le raspi, mais VIA Vmware viewer recompilé pour le raspi… ça y est, ça rentre?

  3. Somebody needs to make a simple free thin client system for this thing. Build one really powerful server with an AMD FX6300 and get like 6 Rpi boards, hook them all up over network, and then once you get them all to talk to each other you could administer everything through a web control panel. Would be nice for schools, since most of what they do is make spreadsheets and surf the internet…..

  4. Yeaaah… No matter how fast Win 7 is supposed to be it's still too heavy for 512mb machine and relly heavy dor 256mb machine.
    If you truly want to have windows on Rasperry Pi then the choises are either Win XP or Win 98.

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