Raspberry Pi Tutorial 1 – An Introduction to Debian Linux

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The Raspberry Pi is a £15/$25 computer that runs GNU/Linux. See for more info.

I plan to provide Linux tutorials for those who are new to it, configuration tutorials once the Raspberry Pi is out, and programming tutorials following that.

Hopefully there will be less ‘erms’ in the next one!




  1. Greetings from Dallas, Texas!  The Raspberry Pi is very new to me. What would I need to play a slide show (or Power Point presentation) from this device?  I know I need a TV or HDMI Capable monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.  Any suggestions?  Cheers!

  2. This is NOT a Raspberry Pi Tutorial. This is a Debian Tutorial and install instruction for a desktop ….

    Not bad, but wrong title, We say in Germany "Am Thema vorbei, setzen 6" …

  3. I followed your instructions. After installing lxde, in the logout menu, there is not shutdown or reboot. I did a search and found hal was not installed. Then I installed hal, and the options appear in the menu, but when clicked, an error was reported at the bottom of the menu saying "Rejected send message". Can you help me out?

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  5. Hi Liam, thank you very much for a perfect video tutorial. I installed everything as you said and it all works a treat… Thank you… Now for a bit of help please. How can I change the Font size? I have a Raspberry Pi (model B) and it boots up a treat, but the text is sooooo small I have to almost put my nose on the screen to see it. I think I have to alter a setting in the con.txt file to do it, but have no idea as to how to edit it…
    Thanks again for a great video..

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