RCA cambio W116 2-in-1 Windows 10 Tablet [REVIEW]

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Meet the RCA cambio 2-in-1 Tablet, Its a 11 in tablet that just might end up replacing my iPad.

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  1. Hey can anyone back up their drivers through powershell, zip/rar them up and share them? I reinstalled windws 10 on my w116v2 and now touch, sound, and display are either not working or they are glitch. ive looked everywhere, including the RCA support and help site with no results for THIS model. I really need this asap if it is possible. I can link you to the how-to on backing up drivers if you need me too. thanks a lot.

  2. Does your screen ever rotate sideways by itself when u connect the keyboard? I have to lock the rotate before I connect the keyboard every time or press ctrl+alt+right-arrow-key after connecting. Please let me know thanks!

  3. I have the previous version of this and it's great to be on the go. It's not stripped down like an ipad or android tablet. It is like a laptop, I like to call them TabTops since they're so versatile.

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