READ DESCRIPTION!! windows 7 not connected no connections are available

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Lenovo Systems.
FN+F5 (Wireless and Bluetooth)
Other makes and models.

Other combinations are possible.

In this video, we fumble around and try to fix the problem with our network.
windows 7 connected no connections are available shows in the taskbar.
This is an easy fix, at least it was for me, however, it may be slightly different for others, depending on the circumstances.

Thank You
Wayne Barron
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  1. On your keyboard – go to the top of the keyboard and tap the key that looks like an Airplane – F12 – then look at your task bar and see if the internet bars light up – this worked for me – hope this helps some of you ……

  2. Hi I am getting that with my windows 7 , but I only get it with Firefox. Switch to chrome and no problem whatsoever. The last two years using Firefox I could download nothing at all, just by chance I thought, yeh I wonder if the video I wanted would download on chrome, hey presto it done it right away. I then dumped Firefox and switched to chrome.

  3. I am fucking done with my computer i am just throwing it in the garbage and forget about it because i go from problem to problem i cant use my computerp, i had a problem saying my user is not working i searched on youtube and watched millions of videos and then fixed it now when i open it the internet is not working and befour all that my computer wasnt opening i click the on button and it didnt work again i searched far and wide and i fixed.

    I am fucking done. 馃槧

  4. I get this error: windows could not stop the network location awareness service on local computer. error 1051 a stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on.

  5. Hey Bro..!!
    I have just formatted my computer and installed windows 7 ultimate.
    Now, it doesn't show any wifi or i can't connect to wifi.
    It just says Not connected No Connection Are Available.
    i even tried from your video but it doesn't work.
    Now what shall i do.?
    please Bro Help me.

  6. Hey friend, can i have a question i have a internet yesterday in my pc and then when i turned on my pc this day its not connected anymore. and the issue is just like yours and i did all the steps they didn't work. i formatted my pc 8x and didnt work also, can you pls tell me what's the problem?

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