Reasons to Use Windows 10 vs Linux 2017

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Covering Both Sides of the Argument to give some advantages and disadvantages for both Windows and Linux. At the end of
the day I would recommend either using Windows or Windows + Linux Dual Boot for Most Standard Users.

– Don’t like Command Prompt or Terminal
– Maximum compatability out of the box
– Gaming
– Can’t live without Microsoft Word / Adobe Photoshop (Mac Possible Alternative)
– Novice at computers (Distros like Ubuntu or Linux Mint are easy but Windows is…


  1. I can grow a beard sometimes waiting for Windows to 'load'. Seriously. It's just s-l-o-w. That doesn't sound like a big deal unless you're in a hurry, which most of us are. Also, this review isn't bad, but I'm thinking that he still lives at home, even though he has facial hair. Those bed sheets look like they belong to a 12 year old. I know, I know. No biggie, but it doesn't fill me with confidence. Just sayin'

  2. There are a lot of Linux distributions which works out of the box and all necessary apps installed and it has user friendly interface.You should just choose the right distribution for yourself.Linux is all about choices. Actually I recently make a video about desktop operating systems and compare them in 10 different area.You can check it out in my channel.

  3. and automatically shutting down your computer while your in the middle of something 🙂
    windows 10 your amazing…
    i was transfering a really big file over bluetooth connection and i was sitting at the other computer and then suddenly
    my windows 10 computer dropped the connection and i was like WHAT THE FUCK so i run back into my other room with my windows 10 computer in it only to find it was preparing an update.
    anywas i'm installing linux right now

  4. For those who want to have a try to Linux, I highly recommend the Kubuntu which is based on and tracking on the newest Ubuntu. You may found out Ubuntu is ugly and hard enough to use.
    Another OS I recommend Deepin, a Chinese OS based on Debian.

  5. When is the last thing you HAD to use the command line in Linux? That sounds like people living in the past. Now it is the sames as Windows or OS X. There are things that CLI makes quick more efficient in Windows OS X and Linux but your average user who just wants to use their PC can use it without ever needing to type commands.

  6. Honestly, you sound like a Windows Fanboy… which is fine, But the reality is unless you're a Hardcore gamer or you NEED iTunes, there's really NO reason for the average person to run Windows.
    Need Office365? Use LibreOffice or Google Docs
    Need Photoshop? Use GIMP or Krita (GIMP comes pre-installed on most Linux Distros)
    Need Premiere Pro? Use KDEnlive or Blender
    Need After Effects? Use Fusion
    Need Audition? Use Ocen Audio or Audacity
    When it comes to Browsers, Unless you're tied to Edge, Chrome and Firefox run on Linux (Firefox comes with most, if not all, Linux Distros)

  7. Use non free drivers if you going to play non free games other wise it works fine. The problem is when they say O make a game for Linux they don't use free drivers to make the game however switch force and zombies works on free drivers.

  8. As a programmer I can tell you that what OS we run does not matter as long as we use the same compiler. Sure if IIS or IE is the one giving out errors I can't run that on Linux, this is usally solved by running a VM.

  9. Chris, why bual boot, when you only need to install Linux, with Oracle VirtualBox and inside VirtualBox you install Windows 10 and your games and the games and Photoshop will work fine.

  10. Chris, you don't really need to use the terminal if you don't have to under Linux. They are alternatives to let go of windows once and for all. Are you sure you know what your talking about, you sound like a novice about Windows and Linux.

    You may not know that, or you were on a deserted island, but Windows 10 upgrade was free for a full year if you had Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1.

  11. Windows let you enjoy plenty of coffee breaks waiting for things to happen ☕. Windows costs lots of money … linux is free. Windows lets the world into your computer so you need anti virus, anti malware, anti adware etc etc etc …
    Linux Deepin 15.4 shits all over Windows.

  12. If you have many different things you do with your computer (gaming, business, surfing the net, etc.) then you will probably be better off with MORE than one operating system.  I have many old computers that are totally unsafe for surfing the net on old windows operating systems but are great with Linux.

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