Recover deleted partitions using Testdisk in Ubuntu #11

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If you accidentally deleted a partition in your hard drive and are desperate to get your data and the partition back relax! this video is for you. In this screen cast I show you how to easily recover the deleted partition along with the data in that partition.

You’ll need to install Testdisk and follow the instructions in the video.
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  1. Sir please help me I lost my very important data while installing ubantu .I tried according to your video but the terminal responds "command not found" after verifying the spelling too.command:-sudo testdisk
    Also ubantu is not installing sympatic package manager.
    Please please help

  2. hi , i needed to do the deeper search since my whole harddisk was formatted by the clean command in command prompt , now the search is complete and many partitions are listed here , so how should i select the particular partitions to recover them ( the next step is enter to proceed and then write but before that how to select the partitions to recover them ? )

  3. Hi, I installed Ubuntu and lost Windows and all the data on it. I am trying to follow the video but I can't find the synaptic package manager. I tried to install it from the terminal and it says it is obsolete … So I am stuck right now. Please can someone help

  4. Thank you so much. I had a GParted Live USB drive that I had used to accidentally delete an important partition. It turns out testdisk was on the same USB drive and I just needed to run terminal to use it. Thanks again.

  5. Lifesaver!! I had to do a deep scan because I aborted a partition resize. After scanning about 2% testdisk found the original partition and restored the partition table. Note to self: never abort a partition resize. 😉

  6. Thank you very much for your help, this video was very helpful. I recovered all the information that I need from a disk which, I drop the partition by mistake with DISKPART by using the CLEAN command thanks again.

  7. HELP HELP HELP while installing ubuntu i clicked on delete data and now my whole harddrive is formatted and all the partitions are removed please help me how can i get my data back

  8. hello,
    i have 500gb of hdd, and there is three partition, c drive 100gb, d drive 200gb, e drive 200gb
    and the last e drive is deleted by mistake, now its unallocated, is this possible to recover using this trick?

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