Recover Lost Data after you Upgrade System to Windows 10

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Recover Lost Data after you Upgrade System to Windows 10

Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10. Some users have been forced to upgrade to the new Windows 10 operating system without their permission. Which has caused a major issue for some users when the Windows 10 upgrade failed and it has now tried to roll back to its previous version of Windows and now that has failed. This of course leads to loss of data, this can be a major headache for some users because they donโ€™t have a…


  1. Hi I have a question for you.. I bought the program, it found the files I need back. But when I do the recovery. the files are no longer in English. O.o is there some way to fix that? these files are super important to me. I have windows 10, my laptop had to have windows reinstalled.

  2. Sir I have a question so if I am having trouble shooting the laptop will it work if so how can I get the program to open up so I can use my laptop again. I factory reset the laptop because it was annoying me with redirect virus, the annoying aw snap on chrome and it would just leave chrome for no reason not to even explain why it left it just does and now my laptop is stuck on the annoying loop start up forever and I did all the steps on YouTube but none if of them work. When I got the laptop I never did anything wrong on it and stupid redirect virus started popping up even with ad block. What do I do is it over for me please reply asap thanks.

  3. I don't what what happened. I was having trouble rebooting up my Windows 10, I tried troubleshooting the problem, and now I have to wait a long time for a recovery boot up. I'm a little worried that I might lose all of my data. If I lose all of my data, I am going to be so pissed.

  4. Brian you need to start using win 10 more on your videos. Win 7 is a very. stable OS. But it is time to change your average since win 10 was released is 78% 7 over 10 I know 7 has 58% of the OS in use but 7 is falling mouthly

  5. Thanks Brian ๐Ÿ˜€
    There are a few good recovery programs out there, most of the partition manager software companys offer a free or limited file recovery.
    paragon/easeus/aome/and others.
    Not sure if macronit do one, but they do a good free partition manager ๐Ÿ™‚

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