Recovery options in Windows 10

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Author, teacher, and talk show host Robert McMillen shows you recovery options in Windows 10


  1. I want my computer back like the day I took it out of the box. I have backed up all my files, photos, music etc and I can reinstall all of that later. I just don't want to delete my operation system, of course. I don't have any CD for reinstallation for windows 10. I just want everything back like the day I first used it. Can you tell me the procedure? Thank You.

  2. I started my computer today and it took me too the blue choose an Option screen but I have no keyboard or mouse control and no mouse cursor is on the screen my only option is to shut the pc off with the power button.

  3. i got a virus and it deleted some of my windows files so it aint working right. do i do what you did in the video or reinstall windows 10? and if i have to reinstall windows 10 how do i do it?

  4. ok someone reply to me, this is all just too cofusing. How do I get to the ''refreshing'' option for example if my search and start button are not working? what exactly does a ''refresh'' do to your pc??? is it going to delete or erase any files???

  5. hello i am having problems with my pc, i recently merged registry into my main account because there were some files missing like internet options. After i restarted my pc there was a file missing like some movie player that came with windows 10 i dont remember the name of it. So other than that i have been dealing with popups, malware and/or viruses that i cant get rid of. Also i have some files that cant be opened it says that internet settings dont allow me to open them. Also i am having problems with my search and start buttons, i am unable to run or click them. Is there any other way to access these recovery options?? which other way there is? And what can i do to fix all my problems? Will i lose any files and folders or desktop shortcuts??

  6. Ok so i've got a windows 8.1 genuine license and i've upgraded to windows 10. What happens if i get a fatal error or if i want to do a clean installation? How do i do it?

  7. I have updated my laptop genuine win 7 to windows 10 , I don't have recovery.

     So, I want to recovery in DVD.. is it possible to recover windows 10 ..

     If it's possible please tell me the process

  8. Hi can you help me ? i am cleaning discs on windows 10 and it stoped in 30% i am restarted the my laptop and laptop saying operating system was not found try disconecting the drivers i am haven t got usb and cd in pc what i need to do ? (i am havent got windows cd but i have legal window) i need help !!!

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