Reducing Sound Card Latency for All Audio Interfaces

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Latency sucks! Here are some tips on getting it as low as possible with your audio rig.

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  1. I got choppy sound from my external sound board. But the problem appears only on my pc. Internal sound card works perfectly but I get choppy sound from my external board. On other computers the board works perfectly. It worked well for a year so a computer component might not working well. I though it was the mothebroard so I changed and the problem still persist. Any ideas ??

  2. I cant get my asio drivers to work. I have roland quad capture and for some reason when i switch to asio i get a wall of noise in reaper and level is maxed in a constant stream. I switch to waveform and no issues beside the godawful latency issue. Ive got windows 7 and reinstalled driver but no go. What should i do?

  3. bias fx and recording in reaper with my roland edirol ua-25, I have the slightest bit of latency like a couple of milliseconds as if it just doesn't have enough attack, I know my strings are fine, and my bias fx sounds Goodnestone is annoying when playing playing through bias fx and it's slightly out also when I play a certain speed injustice bias fx the sound breaks up a bit, any advice is appreciated

  4. It's 2017 and we're still dealing with this shit. That said, I have a 1999 Terratec EWS 88 MT (on Win 7 64bit) down to 2.9/1.4 ms at 64 samples buffer. Downside is it's usable with just a few tracks. When the project gets bigger, these setting are unusable (clicks, pops etc.)

  5. I have a serious latency problem with Sony Acid Pro 9 and my Alesis guitar-USB chord, even when playing to a track and I strum the guitar the signal doesn't play back until like 500ms later. Even when recording I need to set the lag compensator in the Acid Pro menu to around +110ms / +210ms, but the problem is the latency amount keeps changing depending on the complexity of the song, any tips?

  6. I've had an ongoing issue with Cubase 5, using a MOTU 828 MKII and ADIO4all – the latest driver, but still find my ASIO overload going into the red – especially when I'm using Addictive Drums. I will literally have a single MIDI track with the output going to Addictive Drums 2 and it's noisy and in the red. I've messed with the buffers, etc. but still the problem persists and I'm wondering if it's time to just move on to Studio One or something. I hate to give up on all of the great VIs from Native Instruments but it's just not working. Would switching to a different DAW likely be better than Cubase at this point?

  7. Hey I have an M-audio interface, M-audio nova mike and I'm using a Mac book pro. When I Sing into my mic and its recorded into Ableton it sounds fine in the M-Audio earphones (I bought the M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II). However, when I play it from my computer speakers its a pitch lower. I tried to change the ct in the sample, transpose the sample, so much. I'm desperate please I need help 😥 . I've literally been editing for 10 days when all it takes for me to record my piano, voice, and midi beat (alesis v25) a few hours.

  8. This works for the speakers. What I cant seem to solve is the delay between my Speaker output which is ZERO and the headphones output which is about 150-200ms later than the speakers. I have same software as you. Thinking about changing my sound card because it's not professional.. I use my headphones to NOT record the music I am playing to on my acoustic guitar. Do this is impossible with current hardware, which is a shame because I had it working alright. When I start Windows 7 the delay becomes worse so I think this is a mess up from Windows (10) for no good reason, because if I had audio FEEDBACK problem I would have solved it by turning down the volume.. or reducing Gain from the MIC. Hey but thanks..

  9. seriously dont bother with pc buy a dedicated hardware recorder like a tascam
    you can spend all the money you want trying to buy firewire and all the garbadge add ons for pc but it will still be there ready to crash

  10. thank you for sharing the information, I have a question, I'm using Phonic Helix 24 firewire with Propellerhead Reason 8.3 and am having a problem with latency when I add a new live track. Am I understanding correctly that buffering should be turned up for initial live instrument recording but down when I lay an additional track???

  11. Im new to all of the home studio stuff so heres my problem. Im using a 2 channel Mackie Onyx Blackjack interface in REAPER and I'm having latency probs. I have a Mac Book pro (2013 8gb RAM) with hardly any thing on the hard drive. when i get everything set up in REAPER i get mad delays and even pitch changes from my mic. Everything goes down 1 half step. I don't quite understand "Buffering" so I'm open to all suggestions at this point. 

  12. Try to avoid Envy24HF drivers too. By default I have high latency due to the driver.  There has been no updates since 2013 so now im forced to buy a new card or interface and this Audiotrak prodigy hd2 i have is just going to go to waste.

  13. REAPER and an M-Audio Delta 10/10tl card has done a great job for me for over 5 years now.   I us a DI box to get the signal of whatever instrument I'm tracking into one of the card inputs and with direct monitoring on I can lay down the track while having a virtual instrument like Addictive Drums going to a midi track with all of it's outs going to separate REAPER tracks almost like mixing a real drum kit.  Before I got the M-audio card I would have had to render all the VSTi's to recorded wav files, then put those wavs as individual audio tracks and dump the VSTi's so there would be enough resources to track any real instruments that needed to be recorded.  It was a pain in the ass and ruined a lot of attempted performances.  So yeah, if you are serious about making music at home get a nice audio interface, good monitors and DAW.  REAPER can't be beat for the price. 

  14. Hey man i just got a M-track and checked out this video because in FL studios  Edison (a recording vst) records with latency no matter what i do and it's more latency then it used to have. i tried all buffer settings from 64 samples (2ms) and all the way maxed and the latency gets lower in the recording with higher buffer even with triple buffer. In the Daw itself i can use 2ms latency without random bit crushing or pops like i had before i got the m track. I thought to myself maybe i should go and download the m-track driver from the official  site and installed it. Weirdest thing that happened when i restarted was when the m-track turned on at boot it started making weird noises in my head phones like it was a cheap oscillator synth crying. With Asio driver on fl it was laging everything if i had it at 2 ms latency all of a sudden and using the m-track asio instead there's some slowing down in my system while having some pops and sometimes randomly FL will crash and i can't end process of fl without doing a million things to shut it down like setting priority to low then end process. I got rid of the M-track driver restarted my system and it's not making wierd noises at boot up and i can use 2ms latency on asio4all with no issues. I have no idea why M-tracks driver is this bad on my pc and Edison still has that latency issue. The latency Edison leaves in the recording isn't bad since i can cut it out,but it's really tedious and for some reason recording in edison leaves no pops or clicks even if the audio is poping/cracking/bitcrushing and have a million plugins on something all set to high quality for bouncing on the lowest latency of 2ms/64samples. It's the biggest reason why i use Edison,but i still can't figure out how to have it record with no latency i have to cut out (It doesn't randomly add latency while recording only in the recording at about .1 sec to.2secs of silence before the sound starts).  

  15. Please help !!!  I just bought M-audio Fast Track(v2) inteface and plugged into quad-core PC with windows 7. After installig drivers from M-audio  I plugged my guitar to the inteface and started play I have a terrible delay. I mean not at any DAW just plugged into interface connected to PC. In included software there is a "preffered buffer size " option but it's doesnt matter if it's all way letf or right. The same thing is with ASIO4ALL – no matter what buffer i select delay is alway the same ! 
    Exaclly the same with DAW like ProTools,Cubase etc. delay stays constans and its  imposibble to play and record. I tried latest drivers, to disable integrated sound card but its all pointless. ,delay stays the same… Anyone some ideas how to solve this annoing problem please ? coz I feel i'm going crazy…

  16. Turn on PC, Boot into bios, goto IRQ of your soundcard, change latency timer. (possible settings: [32] [64] [96] [128] [160] [192] [224] [248])  Job done.
    You can also write a registry key that changes it or if you don't know how, do a google search. The first method is the only really effective (direct) way you can set priority to the IRQ you want. warning though, If You Do Not Know what the hell you're doing, you might end up screwing up your system.
    * old skool guy out *

  17. Good day, i have a latency of 13/12 ms before i had 17/16 i changed the usb( now using one from my jet printer) and now i have the first one(13/12) i tried changing the buffer size but it wont go down so i kinda figured out that it was the usb cable, what usb cable A to B would you recommend?  Thanks

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