Reinstall Windows 7 or Vista Without Formatting

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No formatting, no changing BIOS settings, and no booting from DVD. The method presented in this video is the easiest and safest way to reinstall Windows 7 or Vista while keeping your personal files and data intact. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know


  1. The video has been proven very helpful to me…but my question iss..can i install windows 7 professional while having windows 7 ultimate as current running os???

  2. NazmusLabs:i dont have dvd iso usb, and no product key…all i qant to do is reinstall windows a clean install,i dont need to back up any thing,just want to install windows 7 again can i?? or not??? do i need to back up drivers??? or the os??? or will thr system do it all it self??? cuz i look at different videos,and one says one thing and another says people get confused…

  3. hey I know this is old vid and I hope u read my comment I'm searching for wut happened if we reinstall windows 7 but I don't find it and I want u to make that i wanna see wut will happen if we do that

  4. Hey, i have a problem.. for a game of mine i have to reinstall my windows 7 cuz something is corrupted in mine or whatever, but i do not wanna lose my data so can i install win 7 to win 7 through the ugrade option?

  5. So many people trying to reinstall Windows 7 USB end up with keyboard and mouse not working. Could you please give some advice and also add the warning in this process that you risk getting no response from Keyboard and mouse and then you will be stuck

  6. Is using this method will have effect on my other data except disk c? And i havent back up any files i had before so i little bit scared to used this method

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