Reinstall Windows XP on Dell Desktop

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Reinstall Windows on Dell Desktop

You will need Dell Reinstallation Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

1.Turn on computer and press F12
2.Use arrow keys to go down to the 4. IDE CD-ROM option and press OK
3.Press any key when prompted
4.Allow Windows to load its setup
5.Press Enter on the screen that appears after loading
6.Press F8 to Agree with the Licsense Agreement
7.Select the partitioned drive and press “d”…


  1. thank you thank you SOOO much! I really messed up this computer of mine. i got up to your step 8 to enter d. but instead it only gave me optionn r to fix it. so i did r. It didn't seem to work but i let the computer sit for a while as it said to wait… i finally shut it off and it i turned it back on it worked! so thanks for the f12 and the steps yay. its slow but at least i have internet. lol

  2. how can i install all the drivers from the cd that came with my laptop? the wireless card wont work until i install the driver for it. and i cant connect to the internet until its driver.

  3. ok so I have my Dell Dimension 3000 I don't know what happened but all that happened when I accidentally deleted some driver menders or something like that I restarted my computers and I tired to see the Desktop but all it does it goes to a two tone blue screen where it is supposed to say Windows XP Welcome but no welcome is showing up on the screen my files are still there what do I do I am very lost.

  4. amigo tengo esta pc ..y la formate no hace mucho con windows 7. la verdad prefiero el rendimiento de xp, pero cuando intente formatearlo con xp el computador no funciona no inicia el xp…yo se formatear pc's. e formateado mucho pero nunca habia tenido ese problema

  5. Could someone please tell me what is wrong with my computer because it does not go to set up mode when I try to reinstall the set up cd? My initial problem was that it keeps restarting
    and does not reach the log on windows part.

  6. can someone walk me threw the steps to download a sound driver from Dell.I downloaded it,but after that it kinda goes where i dont knw.Might have it on here but HOW do i activate it to actually make SOUND actuall workr? HELP

  7. @enfotoad It's not illegal- an Microsoft OS Licence grants you three uses of the key on ANY computer.
    You don't pay for the software, so as long as you buy a licence key (if you have used all three uses) it's fine.

  8. please helppp when i download the network driver orr all other ones in my laptop the sriver could open but when i put it in my pc it doesnèt open. When i click at it it says openwith the thing pops up please help

  9. i follow ur instruction in this video. first i insert the cd to cdrom(cd rom first boot) then, i chose the #4 (0:18) IDE DR-ROM DEVICE. then is says "ERROR OS'' something like dat! pls help me. thanks! 🙂

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