Remote Desktop Connection from Windows 8 to Ubuntu 12.10/13.04 Desktop

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Demonstrates how to complete a remote desktop connection from a Windows 8 desktop to an Ubuntu 13.04 desktop using a set of virtual machines running in VirtualBox. A software package xrdp is installed to an Ubuntu 13.04 desktop making the Ubuntu desktop a Remote Desktop Protocol Server. Gnome-session-fallback is then installed in Ubuntu to provide a 2D desktop compatible with the remote desktop protocol. The connection is verified by creating a text file on the Ubuntu 13.04 desktop from the…


  1. Hi, I'm using win 7 and ubuntu 14.04, but when I'm trying to connect from win 7 to ubuntu with remote desktop every time the screen is grey. I tried everything gnome-session –session=ubuntu -2d and gnome-session –session=ubuntu-fallback in the .xsession file, but the result its the same. Thanks and regards 

  2. Hello Friends,
    first linux is totally new to me and i am using to physical machines rather then virtual 1 is Ubuntu 13.10(x64) and another is Windows XP and 7.i am using the same method as told in video and did everything but problem is after the login in rdp using windows only black screen and only cross shaped cursor shown nothing else on both windows operating systems either 7 or xp. what should i do to solve this.

  3. You are very welcome. As a former secondary teacher my philosophy is to educate and expose and empower students to as wide an experience as possible.   I appreciate the work you have been doing. I think I may have a comment that it works with Ubuntu 13.10-KDE when nothing else does. Does it work with Raspberry Pi. I have a RDP Windows 7/8 -> Raspberry Pi video in the can but I used straight x11rdp. When you look on the internet you are never sure if a project keeps going or if the maintainer can no longer afford working for little or no money If you tell me it works I'll put your link in the introductory notes section. Cheers!

  4. The user name and password you should use is the one for the Ubuntu computer. Instead of the name for the Ubuntu computer use the IP address, It should be on the same LAN. Also this does not work to an Ubuntu 13.10 but should work for 12.04 – 13.04. Also make sure you can log in to a 2D session on the Ubuntu computer. I also sometimes "for real" have a 1-2 minute wait when I try and connect to a slow Ubuntu computer. If possible build an Ubuntu VM and see if you can connect to it. That said sometimes Ubuntu and Windows do not seem to play well together and its difficult to figure out the problem. I hope this helps.

  5. Good point! On my previous RDP-Win7-Ubuntu12 video I included a url to "scarygliders" dot net X11RDP-o-Matic but unfortunately I didn't include the link in this video. Thanks for the info.

  6. I got a comment from someone who managed to do this using Ubuntu KDE and X11RDP-o-Matic version 3.02 from scarygliders-dot-net but that is the only solution I've heard of. Good luck.

  7. I got a comment from someone who managed to do this using Ubuntu KDE and X11RDP-o-Matic version 3.02 from scarygliders-dot-net but that is the only solution I've heard of. Good luck.

  8. I got a comment from someone who managed to do this using Ubuntu KDE and X11RDP-o-Matic version 3.02 from scarygliders-dot-net but that is the only solution I've heard of. Good luck.

  9. Sorry but I couldn't get it to work either. I was going to try X11RDP-o-Matic version 3.02 from scarygliders-dot-net but haven't had the time to play with it yet.My guess is that's it not in the 2D session because I can log in to a 2D session locally. Good luck.

  10. Oh I hope you can figure this out Mike. . Your video is excellent! I too am on 13.10 and I have been trying EVERYTHING to get it to work. . I get the grey screen with the black X as well. . It looks like when you log in that 13.10 has Gnome Flashback and not Fallback. . even after installing it. . I tried using flashback in the .xessions to no avail.

    Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks.

  11. I found a utility called x11rdp-o-matic that does all the setupwork for you, so I uninstalled xrdp and tried it. Then when it asks you to select a desktop environment, I chose KDE instead of Gnome. You have to use the KDE desktop when RDPing in, but it works.

  12. Thanks for replying. Yes, I can log in locally – with Unity or with Gnome Classic. (Unless you mean can the box RDP into itself – I never tried that).
    In the end I found the X11RDP-o-Matic utility, which worked – although not with Gnome Classic (which produced a black screen). I had to select KDE instead. I'm new to Linux, so I'm not sure how it's different from just installing xrdp.

  13. Sorry I haven't got to checking this out for Ubuntu 13.10 yet. Make sure you can log into Ubuntu 13.10 locally from the desktop first. You will need a default 2D graphics that Ubuntu 13.10 will fallback to or RDP won't work. Just like Ubuntu 13.04 required a different 2D fallback from Ubuntu 12.04, 13.10 may require a different 2D fallback from 13.04. I'm just not sure at this point. Hope this helps.

  14. It seems like the 2D fallback is not working. Verify that the Gnome session fallback is working in Ubuntu by logging in to the Gnome Session Fallback locally. If that's ok then the problem would most likely be with xrdp. It has some bugs in it and I would try and uninstall and reinstall it using apt.Hope this helps.

  15. Great Video…I did run into a little problem…I can remote into my Ubuntu from Windows8…The Ubuntu desktop shows up but I have nothing on the sides or top…No drop-downs to open Apps…All I see is my actual Ubuntu desktop background…

  16. Thanks for pointing out the error. I must have edited the first two numbers of the IP address out when I was trying to get rid of all my and_so_umm_echh_blah_blah. Unfortunately YouTube does not all for updates only new videos, but I will include an update in the Description above. Cheers.

  17. Thanks for the credit but I think it belongs to you. This video really doesn't cover routing from LAN to LAN. In teaching I both created and had my students create virtual networks but I found it hard to show how to do that with only a video. Cheers!

  18. My Ubuntu workstation is configured inside of a Virtual Box vlab, with pfSense as the router between the virtual lab and my home network.
    With your clear instructions I was able to configure the virtual Ubuntu workstation such that I can now access it from OUTSIDE of the virtual lab. THANK YOU!

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