REPLACE WINDOWS: Basic Linux Commands (Linux Command Line Tutorial) EP323

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Linux Command Lines can seem like an Alien language for people not familiar with command line interfaces. But for people who can learn using the Linux Bash Shell terminal, they’ll discover some new computing powers!


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  1. I think another set of good basic commands in Linux are `chmod`, `chown`, and `chgrp`. Those will help with file ownership and permissions, since you brought up `ls -a`, which does show the permissions, the owner and the group of the files/directories.

    Also, a good habit for new (or relatively-new) users to Linux to get into is to learn about `dmesg`, `lspci`, and `lsusb` to show system messages, and the connected hardware (via USB or otherwise) in case if something breaks and the user needs to ask for help somewhere.

  2. +Geek Outdoors i have a hp elitebook 8460p runing windows 7 pro 64bit 4gb ram and a 320gb hardrive. my question is when i created a linuxmint bootable flashdrive how when i went to dualboot my laptop linuxmint did not detect the installation of windows 7?

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