REPLACE WINDOWS: How to Encrypt Files and Folders in Linux (Linux Encryption) EP

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Data hacks are becoming all too common in our Modern Internet Age. Data security is practically a joke in many cases regardless of which company or government is storing it. But the one place where you have more control is on your computer. In this episode, I’m showing some simple ways you can Encrypt and Secure your files and folders in Linux Mint.

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  1. Upon installation of Mint it does let you have the option to use full-disk encryption (it's handled via dm-crypt/LUKS, although IIRC it's encrypted logical partitions as opposed to logical partitions within an encrypted file system.) Although in most cases like this /boot is still left unencrypted (although in this case you can place the /boot partition on a flash drive so the system won't start without it plugged in)

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