REPLACE WINDOWS: Linux Distros for ALL! | Best Linux Distros EP226

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In the Linux World, you have complete control over your operating system or you can get the version that suits your Geeky needs. Linux Distributions are all about choice and FUN!


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  1. I have just joined your channel and logged into your website that was very interesting so perhaps you can help me on my PC I have used W7 W10 and dual booted with Linux mint that I loved but my daughter has now given me her old Macbook pro 2009 so I was thinking of converting it to Linux Mint but I am not sure of the best way to do it I know nothing of Apple so is it posable to remove mac completely and replace with Linux and is that the best way to do it or boot camp and keep Apple on a small partition for any updates that come along as Apple no longer support this machine, any help would be much appreciated and thank's Bob in the UK

  2. MX-15 is the way to go. No corporations involved unlike Ubuntu and it's derivatives. Best desktop is Xfce with the Whisker menu is stable and easy to use. All the other desktops have a fucked up menu.

  3. I agree about Ubuntu Studio. I had to get rid of it because it was way too heavy for my little laptops.

    Likewise, Deepin is a terrific OS, one of the best and most unique, but for me, too unique and ended up being not useful for me personally. Still I think it's great for someone who doesn't have a much of an agenda like I do.

    Right now i'm running Peppermint 7 on my 11 year old Lenovo and Ubuntu Mate 1604 on my 7 year old Toshiba Satellite. Good enough.

    For newbies, I recommend Peppermint, Zorin and I put a friend of mine on Chalet; he's very happy even though it wiped out his wifi card. He uses it as a desktop anyway, so he's not complaining. But I felt bad.

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