REPLACE WINDOWS: Linux is Easier than Windows!!! EP414

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Linux is often thought of as a complex operating system for Geeks versus Windows 10. But the reality is that modern Linux is actually easier to use than even Windows!

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  1. Your whole thing will fall apart the minute you will need drivers, or software, that is not in the repository; then normal users will have to go through the nightmare of learning a bunch of cryptic text commands that are absolutely incomprehensible and, more often than not, result in messing their whole system up. And if they try to persevere long enough, they will face the Linux "community" where they'll be treated as absolute idiots, by people who think their farts smell nice, for asking basic questions. Berk.

  2. For a while I had Windows 7 and Linux Mint on separate hard drives, but I soon realized I was only using Windows for a couple games, nothing else. Then my W7 had a problem failing to install something and couldn't even start… now I'm using only Mint. I still have some of those games I cared to play running on Wine. The idea of going back to Windows feels like losing my freedom, so I just cannot do that.

  3. Are you joking?? Compared to Windows 7 or xp Linux is an absolute nightmare where the terminal is very very necessary. One ex. is I installed a prg and then found in the comments that i had to do a touch command in the terminal and only then did it even run. In addition many of the programs are downright amaturish compared to windows. I have yet to find even a file commander that even comes close to Total Commander. Sound mixer sucks and master volume is not master for all. Samba is a nightmare and still have not found out yet how to share a ntfs drive to my windows network but it does share files in my home dir to my windows network. So so so many variations, versions is unbelievable.

  4. I should like a video on how to easy hook up a smartphone or a printer or photoscanner or other hardware directly to a computer with Linux Mint. I have tried to do this with my Android phone, but this is not easy at all. You have to use FileZilla (works only one way) or a third party webpage like Airdroid, that is one thing that is annoying about Linux Mint in my opinion. Maybe you know a simple direct solution..?

  5. very long time explorer setting to change for security reasons (mail viruses have used this to propagate) : always display the extension, don't hide extension for "known" types. I noticed that when you went to launch the filezilla installler in your downloads folder, no exe extension visible.

    What happenned in the past is that you'd get a mail with a file, apparently an innocent .jpg of .gif file, but in reality you would not see the actual extension and thus the .jpg or .gif was part of the name. Real extension would be a .exe or .pif (DOS executable). So, yeah, instead of clicking on an image to view it, you would indeed click on a virus to manually install it on your computer… France in particular, being the computing idiots we've always been, was so severly hit by this infection wave it was a nation-wise catastrphy known on the news for weeks.

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