REPLACE WINDOWS: Linux Mint Panel EP152

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Whenever you enter the World of Linux Mint from Windows 10, you’ll realize the absolute amount of power you have to customize Linux as you wish. But before you go all crazy customizing, you’ll have to start learning the basics of the Linux Mint Panel.


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  1. Easiest way to get Linux on a laptop, download Mint from Linux or a mirror site, burn it to your ISO disc. Shutdown your laptop and remove the hard drive, install a new blank hard drive. Switch on laptop, insert your ISO disc and let it install. 5 minutes and you are good to go, plus if you ever need to go back to Windows you have your original untouched Windows 10 OS on it's own hard drive.

  2. It seems you're able to make videos just fine on Linux. What video editing software are you using? I use Sony Vegas on a Windows OS, but I'm concerned if I can still use it if I switch over to Linux.

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