REPLACE WINDOWS: Linux Video Editors | Openshot Tutorial For Beginners EP175

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Video Editing is HUGE for Windows and Mac users! Adobe Premiere, Apple’s Final Cut Pro are staples for pro and enthusiasts alike. But what about Linux video editors?


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  1. You said Adobe works on Linux. Does that include all adobe software? There's one in particular I'm looking at called Adobe Animate.

    It took be about me about 10 seconds of watching OpenShot to see that it wouldn't be powerful enough. If all the other free software for Linux is on the same level, then I'm definitely going to need to pay out for something more robust.

    But $500 for a video editor?! Even most of the top-tier Sony products cost a fraction of that! If Sony video-editors work in Linux then I would definitely go that route (if anyone knows if they do, please tell me, I can't seem to get a definitely yes or no on that question).

  2. Linux is the worst platform for video editing. The available video editors are all some combination of being way too basic, way too complex, or way too unstable. It's disappointing that no one has been able to come up with a Linux video editor that even comes close to a 10-year-old version of iMovie in terms of ease of use, features, and reliability. This is why most YouTubers who focus on Linux either just do simple, unedited screen capture videos like this — and of the few who actually do on-camera edited videos, most of them admit to using Windows or Mac OS to do their video editing.

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