Replace Windows with Linux (Full install instructions)

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Complete beginners guide to replacing Windows with Linux.
In this video I show how to install Linux Lite using a USB key.
1. Change Bios settings to boot from USB.
2. Download and install LiLi (LinuxLiveusb Creator )
3. Download Linux Lite.
4. Download winmd5
5. Check Linux Lite ISO integrity.
6. Make live USB using LiLi
7. Boot into Live Linux Lite.
8. Install Linux Lite to replace Windows. DO NOT ENCRYPT HOME FOLDER WHILE INSTALLING.
9. Update the system
10 Change Desktop wallpaper.


  1. Hello,
    So I followed all the way though with the tutorial, till minute 7:43 that I enter a loop of an "Automatic boot in 10 secounds" that doesn't matter what it stays in a loop unless I shut the pc off.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Beginners? I have been banging around computers for a long time and I'll admit that I am new to Linux but I had to stop that halfway through. There were so many tyhings I didn't understand I couldn't go on. I'll try again later.

  3. will everything be removed from our harddisk even if some other hard drives aren't formated?? Pl help me
    because some other telling that replacing ubunt will completely delete all data from our pc if we remove windows..????

  4. While erasing Windows from the PC, it says it's gonna erase the hard drive. Does it mean that it's gonna erase all the partitions as well or just the hard drive where Windows is installed??

  5. Hey everyone,

    I think that it's worth emphasizing that that you MUST choose a removable media as your key, as opposed to the hard drive. Now, after I restarted my computer, I'm getting a BOOTMGR is missing statement, and I do not have any DVD outlet for reboot on my laptop. So, I think this laptop is wasted. don't be like me.

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