Repurpose older Windows XP computers with Lubuntu Linux

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For those who have been wanting me to upload a video featuring Linux, here ya go!
If you have any older Windows XP computers kicking around or use an older system with XP, you can repurpose that system with a Linux distro such as Lubuntu. Lubuntu is a lightweight flavor of Ubuntu, designed for older systems with not-so-good graphics and not a whole lot of RAM. Here, I do a brief demonstration of Lubuntu running on a stock Dell Dimension 3000. One of the biggest reasons for giving Lubuntu a…


  1. Problem: 60MiB of RAM, 4MiB VRAM, single-core processor. Not to mention refusing to work with any of my USB drives.

    I mean, it has an i7 in it…
    but not that i7. It has a Trident Cyberblade i7. I'm guessing that company is gone now…

  2. i have a 2008 windows xp computer with 1 GB of Ram and 500 GB of hard disk. I was asking myself if it could be working with Lubuntu, maybe i could give it to my 9 year old brother…

  3. I think Windows XP is still for the most part usable. I have an HP laptop made back in 2005 that still runs XP and even today, I still sometimes use it if I want to print something online.

  4. The case between the Dimension 3000 and 3100 is actually quite different, I got a dimension 3100 for free, but I had a spare Vista Business key around, so I used that, put a GeForce 6200 PCI Card (not agp or pcie x16) Put in 2GB Ram, Pentium 4 HT 630, runs nicely, good for basic office work, and light web browsing or retro gaming.

  5. Best thing to do with old PCs is repurpose them with Linux and use them as a file server for either home use (family shared pics, videos, etc) or for business/website use.

    Basically, all old computers will EVENTUALLY be too old for anything really. You can only upgrade the ram so far on computers and some of these "low end OS' like Xubuntu have recently upped their RAM requirements. I started re-purposing old desktops as servers and for laptops I force ChromiumOS on it and essentially make it a chromebook. After this, I make about $50 for the servers and $70 for the laptops on ebay.

  6. Speaking of old computers, I have a laptop that has only a Pentium III, only 800hz of processing, and only 640 MB of RAM. However, after I installed Antix14 aka "MX14" it now runs like it did, back in the late 90's! Linux rules! 

  7. You might want to also want to give Linux Mint Mate' edition and Zorin OS 9 a try. I am having a great time trying out all the different "distos." It is also fun to go on to see the hits and popularity of certain distros (Linux distributions). Mint and Zorin are designed with the Windows user in mind. Mate' is very, very stable and easy to use right out of the box. I installed Mint Mate' edition on a couple of friends 5-7 year old laptops, and they just love it! .One person claims it actually runs faster than the original Window ME (remember that OS disaster) that was previously installed.

  8. I use Linux Lite 1.0.8 since Lubuntu has a older kernel which didn't support my mouse drivers unfortunatley but never mind! im fine with linux lite very similar to lubuntu! but lubuntu 14.04 supports my mouse since the kernel is newer and has the fix

  9. I do exactly the same thing that you do. I have ended up with loads of old free 2002 – 2006 XP era computers, and I came to the same conclusion that you did, Lubuntu. I filled one with old hard drives, copied movies to it, connected it to my television and control it remotely with VNC.

  10. Will Lubuntu run without lag on the Geforce 6200? I tried other linux distros and they can be a bit or really laggy and bad with the graphics card, but I cannot upgrade the graphics card any further, since my computer only has PCI. The other specs are fine, (3.5GB RAM, Pentium 4 2.93GHz), but will this run fine without lag or problems?

  11. For even lower-spec machines Slitaz is a nice one- it's complete but tiny. Go for lubuntu rather than slitaz if possible though, and maybe Mint for those a bit more powerful than these. Chromebooks and Android devices do have linux underneath, but it's buried under google's stuff and OEM software with android phones. I am not quite satisfied with libreoffice because it doesn't format some stuff right, is missing a few features, and I am very bad at using the 2003-style interface. Still, there's always wine. As for the "UAC", it's not as annoying as that to me for some reason. Normal Ubuntu has unity, which is not the traditional bar at the bottom and menu button approach. (It's not as bad as Metro though.) I'd go for Mint instead of regular Ubuntu, or install cinammon or something. Also, I was forced to "choose a better nam" to post a comment- wth google? It wasn't broke, why'd you fix it?

  12. for those of you who watch this, i would highly recommend using the Google Chrome browser on linux because it's the only browser that still gets the latest version of flash on linux due to Adobe abandoning it.

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