Reset Windows 8 & 8.1 to Factory Default Settings [HD][How To][Tutorial][Step by Step Guide] 2017

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Windows 8 gives all users no matter manufacturer or brand an easy way to Reset their PC back to default settings. This quick tutorial shows you how to do just that.

Please ensure you know that you will loose everything, so if you want those files – back them up first! I cannot be held responsible for that!

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  1. Reset Windows 8 & 8.1 to Factory Default Settings find the help from help desk number which will guide you also about another related query with windows 8 at 1-844-312-7474 # windows 8 customer service number

  2. Will this clear up space on my pc? I have an hp stream & got it from a pawn shop so I have no product key or cd drive & windows was already installed on it. So you think this will work with no problems?

  3. I have no cd or any files of having Windows 7 when my pc came with Windows 7. I've absolutely tried everything do fix and have not been able to do anything. There's a tab that says ' BackUp and Restore (Windows 7) ' and there is no backup and I'm on Wins10. Wins10 sucks ass can anyone help me get back to wins7?

  4. I don't know… i can't upgrade to windows 10 and i can't factory reset.. WTF IS WRONG WITH MY PC…. someone help please… it says "Some files are missing. Your windows installation or recovery media will provide these files" no, i don't have a windows disk or anything i got this computer in a computer shop and they said that they'll install a premium windows for me and now i can't do anything upgrade Nope factory reset? nope.

  5. hi guys,
    can I hit "clen the drive fully" if I dont have a windows DVD? because my laptop came with windows8.1 without any DVD …. I mean if will works like when I bought it after the reinstall?
    please answer me someone! Thank you!

  6. Hi Matt, 
    i really need your help. i am using windows 8 on lenovo ultrabook U410.
    i can not find  find reset option. 
    i go to 'pc setting' then 'general'  and try to select 'Remove everything and reinstall windows' but there no 'Get started' option  its saying '' you can not use this feature because user account control is set to always notify you about system changes''.

    pls give me solution.

  7. how to make it turn off after the resetting process, I don't want to setup windows, I want the new owner do that when they turn the machine on the first time

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