Resolving Issues in Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8)

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Learn how to troubleshoot and solve common Internet Explorer 10 problems in Windows 8. Issues that are addressed in this video include compatibility, deleting add-ons and customizations, resetting the IP settings, spyware, error messages, startup problems, and more.

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This video was produced by HP.


  1. My wifi is working but my wifi on the computer isn't (window 8) and I've tried and where i click on internet servers and do everything as well as putting the password In but it doesn't work and the internet sign has a little star on it and I've watch heaps of vids and tied heap still not working it's been like 7-8 mouths HELP!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this it saved me time and money, i really thought i had destroyed my new computer(that my mom bought 2 days ago!).. because i was working on a homework assignment and all of a sudden my internet crashed , i reopen it and got the "cant display" message ..thank God i found this  …Got to be careful about what websites you use even the trusted ones.

  3. Nothing has worked for me. I load up Internet explorer and the homepage of msn loads up. I think try to search something. It takes like 2 minutes for the loading to complete and then finally when it loads it says "this page can't be displayed" helps pls!!

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