Response to Mac VS Windows VS Linux Part 2

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  1. the first internet browser to have tabs was a browser called internet works you can look up "tab (gui)" wikipida and it will show you the progression of tabs across all types of application UIs including internet browsers 😉

  2. I like how you put it on how Windows became Dominant because businesses was looking for a computer to handle their needs at that time and Apple didnt have any applications for there computer that they had launched at that time. So businesses went with the IBM/Microsoft Platform. And yes Apple was dominant in the beginning.

  3. ¡Great, hit them where it hurts!

    In México we have Hp dumb sellers that think that Linux is a company, and every time you have to change the antivirus you have to buy a "new" Linux license to guess who "Linux enterprises" jajaja.

    ¡Long live to the penguin!

  4. dude you are very weak minded OSX uses a FreeBSD kernal one of the most securest kernals on the planet the mac OS your taking about is 8 which ran on the system kernal your info on macs is from 1993

  5. im a Linux user, but here s the deal, Linux is not all that perfect either. it gets stuck and some time sound errors(u know, sound is playing for like 10 secs after closing the player) i like sticky notes in Linux and i like those note putting things in vista. making the ultimate desk top is not the main point, every one should be able to use it, i mean ubuntu is very internet dependent. and there are 2 many distributions.

  6. you are very opinion on macs especially since with OSX i have the ability to open the kernal OSX is one of best OSe ever but the only thing holding it back is its hardware. other than that one of the most beautiful secure functional and great OSe i ve ever used

  7. i ment opensource not linux TCM goups them all together (he called pcbsd a linux distro LOL) netscape had tabs? which version i was a netscape user from 1997-1999 i dont remember tabs

  8. You said that "If it wasn't for Firefox, IE woudn't have tabs". While it's true that Firefox's popularity brought tabs to IE, the first browser to use tabs, if I recall correctly, was Opera. So for tabbed browsing, Opera should be most credited.

  9. If I remember correctly, Snow Leopard was only meant as a trick-out exercise, to get stuff running quicker, which is an example of why apple has so stringent hardware requirements: You try optimising every single piece of hardware in the Windows Library.

    As for Longhorn vs Vista, you have to remember that Vista had to be made from the ground up, since XP had so many vulnerabilities that had to be patched after the fact. Longhorn was XP derivative, hence the superiority.

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