REVIEW: Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse (BEST bluetooth mouse for windows 8 users)

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This is my review of the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse, which is what I believe to be the MOST reasonably priced bluetooth mice with SO MANY awesome functions!

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  1. hi , i am planning to use the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse on an Intel Atom Windows 8 tablet , my concern is it might have some lag issues as with most bluetooth mouse. would you happen to have used this on an Intel Atom Windows 8 tablet or some other device that has a less powerful processor. because on your video, you are using it on a full fledged laptop and not just a tablet . any inputs would help Sir 🙂 thanks and have a great day ahead

  2. Watched your video Jerry just a while back since I wanted to check on one of the functionality of this mouse. Liked your video – very informative, thanks.
    As I had been using this mouse for over eight months I second your thought that this is one of the best mouse which I used over the years. Also, in my experience, it works perfectly well on any surface even on glass, provided there's no residual smear of oil/grease (just a little scratched glass makes it work better actually). May not work on the shiny surface of mirror though (LOL)
    I wonder if you may like to create and post a video on the various functionality of mouse buttons and how to assign or reassign the functions. It shall be highly useful.

  3. … currently using the dongled version of this, it's not bad but in my opinion the touch button(the blue button can be used as back and forward with thumb swipe) is pretty useless to me, would of preferred physical buttons

  4. Works great for mac os as well if you don't like the regular apple mouse. Only problem is that there's no special drivers for this mouse on mac so the system doesn't recognise the button on the side of the mouse.

  5. I just got a weird problem today. Windows 10 on my Dell XPS15 says paired and even connected when I handled the mouse, but it does not register mouse click and dragging, just like it isn't connected at all. I changed the battery, but still having the same problem.

  6. This is basically a facelift to Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000. But, this time, with Bluetooth, cheaper materials (at least it looks like) and a horrible Windows button instead of a normal one on the left side.

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