Review – Ubuntu 15.04

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In this video I review Ubuntu 15.04, released on April 23rd, 2015. Also includes a brief overview of systemd, the new init system.


  1. Can somebody tell me if it's possible to install Ubuntu without a disk drive and without a usb stick? My laptop doesn't have a disk drive and there's no option in the bios to boot first from usb. Appreciate any help.

  2. I wish more applications were available on Ubuntu, if they were I would probably change form windows to Ubuntu. Though I need to be able to run windows applications without any loss of performance. 🙁

  3. Bravo, Jay! I totally agree with what you said about the App launcher showing results from the web…and ones that aren't fast or even relevant! Windows 10 is doing the same thing.. so did Windows 7 and 8 and I detest it! I agree with you that it seems to be driven by $ rather than function. Thanks for demonstrating (@4:51) how to disable that annoying "feature".

  4. Windows 10 is faster than windows 8 but slow as shit compared to ubuntu…. windows 10 is looking nicer though even though it's invading my privacy non stop. The net even runs faster on Ubuntu since its not sending my porn to the feds through backdoor loopholes on Windows.

  5. Can you please help me out? I used a Ubuntu 14.04 bootable usb to try out ubuntu on my Laptop which has windows 7 as the OS. Now whenever i boot up without the usb it generally takes a long time, to make it faster i have to keep on pressing the spacebar. I have double checked the boot order and its on hard drive first, but the problem still persists.

  6. Jay I just received 15.04 and never have used it, I am awaiting a 2TB drive and I plan to install Unbuntu, I just cannot continue with Windows, i have been running XP forever, and was thinking about 10, when I was told about Unbuntu.

    Do I need to install XP first on my new drive or will Unbuntu install off of the dVd without C containing any OS?

  7. Im running 15.04 running on a bootable USB just temporary for my Netflix box (now supported on Ubuntu) and it runs great. super fast and responsive. I think this is the best version of Ubuntu yet!

  8. To all the people who plan to install Ubuntu: if you are a casual user who isn't a programmer or a computer geek, don't install it at all! It looks nice on first look, but it's full of obvious annoying bugs. If you try to fix the bug, you have to spend few hours online searching for a solution, and in most cases you won't find simple fix but a complicated workaround for some simple things such as setting your webcam microphone as a default microphone.
    But if you are a masochist and have a lot of time to spend on these things, then Ubuntu is a perfect match for you 🙂

  9. +Jay LaCroix I'm linux user about a year, I used ubuntu, mint, fedora and arch. Now I'm thinking about switching back to ubuntu because of stability. I want stable graphics support(nvidia optimus) also X server(broken my arch). The only thing I don't like about ubuntu is unity. I used awesome wm in arch, I also want to use it in ubuntu. My question is, what do you recommend official ubuntu and then installing my window manager, or some other variant like kubuntu. I'm asking because I don't know is it hard to get rid of unity(or possible at all).

  10. Can I still install this from within Windows?  I've been trying to install Ubuntu for 10 years and I've been so put off by the issues I've had (like no support for new hardware, and I run mostly AMD CPUs/GPUs), that I've all but given up. 

    I've been trying to run a smooth Linux distro since 1998, but have never had any luck. 

    I'm no dummy, but there's so many roadblocks with getting Linux up and running.

  11. +Jay LaCroix I have been using Linux for about half a year now as my main Operating System. I have been using Zorin OS and I love it, though it gets very annoying cause it is so buggy and seems slower than other Operating Systems I've seen. Is there any OS of Linux that you would suggest cause I want to move to a different one and please don't say OpenSUSE, I've used it before and really didn't like it a whole lot. I've been thinking of going Ubuntu, but I don't know how I feel about the "Task Bar" thing being on the side like that.

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