Review – Ubuntu GNOME 17.04

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In this video, I review that latest version of Ubuntu GNOME.


  1. It was great meeting you at Penguicon and I am not surprised that it runs better with Gnome. Unity is a hog and I installed the LXDE distro on an older machine that had Windows 7 originally and performance was night and day. Chromium BSU is a great Raiden clone.

  2. 1. I like the new format, though for consistency of audio, I think you should use a lavaliere mic for the "live" portions. Perhaps use the same mic for the whole video, that would be VERY consistent. Just my opinion.

    2. Have you considered using Blender for editing videos? Although it's a 3D app, it handles video very well. I use it exclusively for editing video. Since it's free, open source & a quality app it's a pretty good choice. I will admit, though, that the learning curve is kind of bodaciously horrific. But you're extremely intelligent, that shouldn't be a problem for you. 🙂

  3. Hi, I'm new to Linux, I currently have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, with the recent change to Gnome from Unity, is Ubuntu still considered Debian, and do I just keep using the same terminal comands as before? Thanks in advance

  4. Despite being a rolling release arch is hell stable and usually takes a bit double checking before the packages are deployed into the stable repos, there's a "Gnome Unstable" repo which is rolling gnome 3.24 right now on Arch if you're up to it . Now talking about polishing I'd also expect them to at least package the official Ubuntu with some tweaks or extensions enabled by default on the next one to look like the deceased Unity, which is pretty much possible

  5. i will consider linux when it'll begin to support natively .exe programms without any wine-like tool,cause I love the speed and the customizablity of linux and the way it runs but I need a lot of windows programs,even itunes for instance is not supported on linux :/

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