Review – Ubuntu MATE 17.04

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In this video, I review the latest version of Ubuntu MATE.


  1. Hi Jay! First of all I want to thank you for making the wifi sol'n available. As a newbie I appreciated you teaching to my very basic level. Believe it or not, telling me to right click to copy and right click to paste actually helped me a great deal. Most teachers assume a certain level of knowledge which, if you don't know anything it really makes things difficult.
    I'm running the 16.04 version on my Raspberry Pi 3. There is no sound on utube. Any ideas?
    I think I will play around with Linux for a bit and if I start to understand it a little better I can see building a computer for it.
    So thank you again for your careful teaching and your obvious integrity. Well done!

  2. Thanks for the review, Jay. Ubuntu Mate is the distro I use for myself, and for people to whom II give a laptop. I'm glad to hear it's continuing in the right direction.
    BTW, I noticed you just completed an extensive series of tutorials on Ubuntu. I hope the abandonment of Unity won't affect their content. When I saw them, I thought – how frustrating!
    In any case, your work is much appreciated.

  3. I hope your professional cameraman is getting the going rate Jay. Ubuntu Mate, imo, is the best of all the Ubuntu derivatives. I would have no problem in pointing a new Linux user in its direction.
    All the best and thanks as always for the videos.

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