RHCSA 7 LAB Station Execution [RHCSA Exam Tasks] (2 of 2 videos)

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This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to execute mock RHCSA exam tasks on a Linux system. An RHCSA/RHCE/LFCS/LFCE essential.



  1. Hello, thanks for the vidoes, i have aquestion… IN the 3rd part (about users and groups), when adding users 20 and 30 to the group linuxadm, they will no longer be part of the usergrp group…is not this a wrong answer??? kind regards

  2. Thank you very much Asghar for these videos, I follow your channel and have your books and great thanks to you I passed my RHCSA exam. Do you have any videos or tips on RHCE? I hope to sit for that in the near future. Thanks again for your selfless efforts.

  3. This videos are a complement to your book, which I consider between the best of the market. Than you and congratulations.
    I set up the server according to you video , apparently everything went right. Also I set up the lab station.
    In the LDAP lab, client-side, the authconfig command couldn't download the certificate, so I moved the file on the ftp server home directory and looks good.
    I did "su – ldapuser1", the message read: "su: user ldapuser1 does not exist ".
    In your book mention to create the user in both sides but without home directory in the client side. Could you help me, please?

  4. I'm studying for the rhcsa exam 200 . I bought your book. I'm Glad I found this video. How do I get in touch with you? Also pls upload some more videos. I wish the book came with videos. You did a good job with that book.

  5. For group two tasks, you have used "usermod -G linuxadm" command, but it will override existing secondary group "usergrp "also. So I think , -aG option should be used.Plz confirm.

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