Rip Copy-Protected DVDs with Free Software for Windows 10, Mac OS X or Linux

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If you’re like Robbie, you may not have a DVD/BluRay player connected to your TVs, but have connected devices that allow you to play video files through software such as Plex. This week we’ll show you how to import your video DVDs into MP4 files so you can watch your owned DVDs once again on next-gen devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV.


  1. Pay no attention to my last post. I got scooped off and directed to some wondershare crap software. actually handbreak is awesome and works as advertised. Thanks for the vid. I find Plex to be a bit buggy but works well after getting the hang of it's quirks.

  2. I I own a bunch of DVDs and there’s no point of me getting rid of them what is wrong with people these days why are people so lazy why don’t they want to get up and put the disc in the player stupid completely stupid DVDs don’t take up that much space in the players don’t neither are used to use DVDs and vhs tapes cds cassette and hopefully one day vinyl why do people think DVDs are obsolete that’s really stupid analogy to say because people still buy them if people still use them because for some people that’s all I have why can’t people understand that and why would you put your stuff on a hard drive I’ll put my stuff on a hard drive but I don’t trust it

  3. MAC issues: downloaded the libdvdcss file and added to user/library as suggested below, also tried to create a folder with a copy of handbrake and the libdvdcss file in it but still no success. The preview of the DVD still turns up bright green. Anyone a little help?

  4. I'm really behind I want to make space too; still have old VHS and VCRs, especially interested because my VCR died, and borrowing a family member's right now. If I get a analog to digital converter cord could I plug that in to my computer is there a way to use handbrake for saving VHS movies into files too? Will the VLC file work for the encryption on VHS too (I think macrovision is the most common)? Also what formats does Handbrake allow to save files as? What format files does Plex take?

  5. all this digital stuff miss the point though. i have disc for the movies but i also have them for the special features and stuff though. there is no way to have them made digital too so you need to use disc still really. sure for a lot of people they care about the movie really but the extra stuff and commentary and stuff is part of it too.

  6. keep in mind that formatting switching (which is what your doing and what it is refereed to under Australian law) with DVD and blu-ray by circumventing the DRM is illegal in a several western countries [including Australia and the US]. In the US you looking at breaching the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and in the Australia its a breach of the Copyright Act. Although the in general its only enforced if the content holder of the DVD/Blu-ray sues you.

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