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  1. I picked this game up the day it was announced on Steam for Linux. Haven't played it yet though, but will tonight. (it went on sale that day) I like supporting companies like Feral that port these games over to Linux.

  2. I'm in agreement that ROTTR can be a little too gruesome at times, but I don't see it as a full on shooter – Deus Ex Mankind is closer to being an all out shooter. ROTTR requires a more finesse and control combinations. I can't say I found the controls to be sluggish – a bit contorted and confusing on keyboard. Truth be told, it is one of the few titles I have I find I prefer to use an xBox 360 controller with (like Deus Ex). Story, well, I consider it to be typical for a lot of these modern AAA title games – so def in agreement with your comments on it – but as far fetched as it is, I'm still enjoying it. I only got to testing this yesterday (Kubuntu 17.10) on my AMD Ryzen 1600 system with an RX 570. When talking about the absolute minimums, this port I find to be noticeably ahead (5 benchmark runs on Windows and 5 benchmark runs on Linux shows a 8FPS difference on the absolute minimums on my end). Averages are so close they can be called the same. BTW, I'm using the open AMDGPU drivers with Mesa and RADV (Kernel 4.16.3 (from mainline) with Mesa 18.0.1 (Padoka's unstable branch PPA)). I have nothing but positive feelings towards the excellent job Feral has done here – I hope this sells well for them.

  3. good video…continue the good work.On amd free drivers i think is 90% quality on graphiks,
    maybe direct x 12 is total different from vulcan on libraries. In future i want not only gaming
    but comments on shootwell,music players,webcatalog….thanks ,,,greetings from Greece.(sorry for the english).

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