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Today I’m showcasing Rise Of The Tomb Raider, release in the week by Feral. Following on from Tomb Raider 2013, follow Lara on her journey as she uncovers secrets the world should never see.

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  1. I bought this game yesterday. It's super dooper fun to play. I didn't really enjoy the previous game. Plays in highest graphics settings on my gtx 1050 mobile 4GB with an i5 7300HQ 16GB ddr4. Not sure why it plays so well… It's running on m.2 also. Not sure, works fantastic.

  2. Can you tell us how strict is the requirement for NVidia drivers 396.18 exactly? For instance, Ubuntu 17.10 still has 384, will the game run or even work well with that? Just this once I'm resisting buying 67% off to show my full support, just wondering how much setup it'll take me to run this game. Not in a hurry though, I came to gaming only in late 2017 and haven't finished Tomb Raider yet ­čśÇ

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