RMS, Hero of Free Software or mad GNU/Linux Wizard? (The Bazaar)

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Remember while i am harsh in this video RMS has done a lot for the free software movement and the GPL is awesome! while seeming a little direct, this video is in no way intended to be a personal attack. RMS is the EMACS father and that is…


  1. Actually, I'm pretty sure I've seen Stallman being interviewed by some young (kind of disrespectful) guy here on YouTube where he addressed most of your questions about public communication, etc. He agreed to the interview under the condition they'll get him to the studio instead of what they usually do – a Skype video call.

  2. Martin Luther also loudly advocated that Jews' synagogues should be set on fire, their scriptures and houses burned and the able-bodied ones be put to use for manual labor for the glory of Christianity. Yet at the same time he reformed a popular church that had many serious issues. This doesn't defend antisemitism or RMS' opinions on pedophilia, but even people with very curious world views have accomplished some truly useful things of global importance. One doesn't seem to exclude the other, even if we'd prefer people that are good in one particular way to be well-rounded as well.

  3. Once he came to my university to give a talk. At the end, when everyone was going to take a picture with him at the stage, he started to clip his foot nails, still on the stage. At that moment I understood that although he might be a FOSS hero, he probably doesn't know how society works.

  4. Just because you disagree with someone's opinions, doesn't justify calling him out to "shut the fuck up". First step towards tyranny.
    RMS has controversial opinions, that doesn't make him automatically "wrong".

  5. RMS is a very intelligent and talented computer scientist. I do agree that he should keep all of his public comments to that technical arena. I have immense respect for his tenacity. I can't possibly put him in the catagory of "more harm than good" as that room is fully occupied by archbishops, music critics, and we keep a couple of slots reserved for the highly prolific Kardashians.

  6. 1. I look way crazier than RMS. 2. Way to misrepresent the Lunduke case, please re-watch the videos, the original and the following Lunduke video. 3. In a time where even most Linux users, including me, regularly kick the principles of free software in the balls someone like RMS who holds up these principles is more important than ever. 4. Who is the crazy person? "Because he is so detached from proprietary software he is not existing in the same version of the planet as everyone else." HexDSL, 2018.

  7. Freedom for me represents the individual and collective control we have over systems (social or technical) we depend on. We should focus our attention on the ideas and less on events or individuals. Instead of talking about morally corrupt individual or group in the context of direct violence we should go against conditioning of our sick culture and talk about structural violence (avoidable impairment of fundamental human needs, supported/generated by our socio-economic system). Behavior is learned from the environment. People have the biological potential to learn a language to learn what is right and what is wrong (to form values). No one is born speaking language like English, and no one is born good or bad. We had to learn/absorb language and values form the environment and the culture in which we are raised. Even two genetically identical twins are different people because they occupy different space and perceive different environment. Therefore we should ask ourselves what behaviors and values does our culture promote and what is promoted by our socio-economic system.

  8. He is the head of Free Software Foundation in a world where 90% of people choose to use proprietary software, even if it's way worse than the free software alternatives (cough cough Windows 10). If I was in his position, I would have lost it a long time ago.

  9. Yeah he is an extremist when it comes to his views, and he is defenetly detached for how things work in the real world, but i think that there is still some value in having someone like him in the Open Source community: while he is a mad wizard, he also reminds us all of what values unite us and on what principles Linux was founded. He is the philosopher of this community, yeah he is way past his prime but his core ideas are still a guiding principle for a large part of the FOSS community.

  10. "I am skeptical of the claim that voluntarily pedophilia harms children. The arguments that it causes harm seem to be based on cases which aren't voluntary, which are then stretched by parents who are horrified by the idea that their little baby is maturing."

    Aside from eating dead skin from the bottom of his foot whilst on stage in front of thousands of people he routinely espouses his pro-paedo agenda via his personal blog.

    For anyone doubting me or HexDSL please visit his personal website and use the search functionality.

  11. I want to have the freedom to run an operating system without having to run proprietary software. This freedom is as important to me as the freedom of running proprietary software on my OS, if I choose to do so.

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